The international motorcycle ride of the Baltic sea ecology protection


The project purpose: The highlighting of the of the
Baltic Sea pollution problems, the discussing of the
various governments measures taken to improve the
environmental situation and save the sea. As a result,
the memorandum signing to support the 1974 Helsinki

The Helsinki Convention of the year 1974 was signed by
all countries of the Baltic Sea region. The main goal of the
convention is to protect the natural marine environment
of the Baltic Sea region, restore and supply the ecological
balance of the Baltic Sea and provide the rational use
of natural resources. The countries participating in
the convention committed themselves to take all the
necessary legislative, administrative and other measures
to prevent a pollution of the Baltic Sea. Finally, to remove
existing pollution sources in order to restore the Baltic
The Helsinki Committee (HELCOM) is actively
supporting and holding such practical events as:
meetings of partners and members of the commission,
groups of researchers and activists from Europe.

The HELCOM mission is a healthy environment of
the Baltic Sea with its various biological components
functioning in balance. It's an active support of
a positive ecological status of this region as well.
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